What is the Society of Iodine Science?

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The Society of Iodine Science (SIS) established on 1998/06/01 under the name of "Forum on Utilization(FIU)" aiming at the development of precious Iodine related technology and products and inflection, renamed on 2007/07/01 "The society of Iodine Science(SIS)".

SIS wait for the participation and join of all of you.



17 Apr.2018

The 21th Symposium in this year will be held on 14th September.

Date:  14. Sep. 2018

Venue:  Chiba University

Application Form and the Instruction for Manuscript are as follows.

Appilication deadline:  9 June 2018

Manuscript deadline: 14 July 2018

2018_application form

2018_Instruction for manuscript

29 Aug. 2017

The 20th SIS symposium Program

18 Nov. 2016

The 20th SIS Symposium

Date:8(Fri), 9(Sat), Sep. 2017

Venue: Chiba University

10 Aug. 2016

The 19th SIS Symposium Program

4 Apr. 2016

The 19th SIS Symposium

Date : 16. Sep. 2016

Venue :  Chiba University

Application deadline : 4 june 2016

Manuscript deadline : 9 july 2016

Registration deadline : 13 Aug. 2016

Application Form

Instruction for manuscript

Entry to SIS

The Society of Iodine Science (SIS) invites individuals and groups that have interest in the iodine or iodine related sciences aiming at the development of iodine related technology and products. Please join our Society now.
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