What is the Society of Iodine Science?

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The Society of Iodine Science was established on June 1, 1998, by the name of "Forum on Iodine Utilization(FIU)" aiming to develop and utilize precious Iodine related technologies and products.
And the FIU was renamed "The Society of Iodine Science" on July 1, 2007, with the aim of further development.

SIS wait for the participation and join of all of you.



2022 Sep.14 The 25th Symposium

The 25th Symposium was held online. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that occurred along the way, and thank you for your cooperation.

5 Nov. 2021 PW unlocked

“The History of Iodine in Japan” can be viewed without password restrictions.

Entry to SIS

The Society of Iodine Science (SIS) invites individuals and groups that have interest in the iodine or iodine related sciences aiming at the development of iodine related technology and products. Please contact our Society now.