SIS hold a symposium every year in autumn and perform a
lecture about iodine and a poster session. SIS assume this symposium a
place of the presentation and discassion of the results of the study of
the member.

SIS Report

SIS publish bulletin “Iodine SIS Report” and offer
information about iodine. I accept the contribution of the thesis of
the member and place it in the bulletin. In addition, I place the
point of the symposium lecture theme and the article of the special
Members of the Iodine Society can view the latest issue of the proceedings from the page below.

SIS Letters

SIS publish “SIS Litters”, introduce a new study of
iodine, short Papers of various research fields, topics and Iodine
related Products.

Grants for Research

With support of the industry, I encourage a study on
application from the basics about iodine to plan more use expansion of
iodine which is precious resources in the research aid system our
country and invite public participation for “an iodine research aid” to

SIS Award

For the individual who contributed to the development
remarkably in fundamental researches of iodine, an applied study, SIS
confer the SIS Award on a field of the iodine industry or an academic


SIS narrow down a theme to tie study seeds to industry
and hold the seminar of the small number of people system who can do
the discussion of a researcher (lecturer) and the participant.